The 5 Best Warm Pants for Men to Wear With Sneakers This Winter

Don’t let the wrong pair of pants ruin your holidays.

If you’re looking for a pair of comfortable, cozy pants that will keep you warm this season — and more importantly, look great with your fresh new sneakers — FN has you covered.

The last thing you want to do is get caught out in the cold wearing paper-thin trousers or show up to a holiday function in sloppy slacks, so combat both problems at once with a pair of pants that is both functional and flattering.

Shop our top picks below.

1. Nike Tech Fleece Jogger


Nike’s Tech Fleece Joggers have been a sneakerhead go-to for years, and it’s easy to see why. Their sleek tapered design looks great with runners and high-tops alike, and the pockets have ample room for storage.

Nike Tech Fleece Jogger
Nike Tech Fleece Jogger

2. Lululemon Great Wall Pants Lined


Lululemon specializes in pants tailored for athletics and yoga, but its lifestyle offerings are just as well done. Its Great Wall pants are lined with fleece and packed with plenty of pockets to protect your valuables.

Lululemon Great Wall Pants
Lululemon Great Wall Pants
CREDIT: Lululemon

3. John Elliott Tapered Polartec Fleece Sweatpants


Since 2012, designer John Elliott has been perfecting men’s sweatpants. Their construction, fit and materials are second to none, and this fuzzy Polartec fleece is a perfect example.

John Elliott Tapered Polartec Fleece Sweatpants
John Elliott Tapered Polartec Fleece Sweatpants
CREDIT: Mr Porter

4. Uniqlo Blocktech Warm-Lined Pants


Uniqlo has release countless pairs of cozy pants over the years, but it’s hard to top this three-layer Blocktech style, which are lined with fleece and suitable for extreme temperatures.

Uniqlo Blocktech Warm-Lined Pants
Uniqlo Blocktech Warm-Lined Pants
CREDIT: Uniqlo

5. Champion Reverse Weave Sweatpants


When you want to keep things classic, it’s hard to top a pair of pants from Champion, the originator of sportswear sweatshirts. This reverse weave variation is heavier and less prone to shrinkage than the brand’s standard offering.

Champion Reverse Weave Sweatpants
Champion Reverse Weave Sweatpants
CREDIT: Amazon
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