5 Gifts for Your White Elephant Holiday Party: Novelty Socks, Fun Slippers & More

Buying gifts for a large group exchange can be difficult, especially if you don’t know who will end up with the gift you’ve chosen.

Here are some fun, shoe-related gifts which are likely to be a hit among a wide range of people and won’t break the bank.

1. Novelty Socks

Novelty socks have surged in popularity in recent years, with a slew of different retailers offering whimsically patterned socks. There’s everything from socks patterned with donuts to rubber ducks. For your white elephant party, stay within the holiday spirit with these festive penguin socks.

2. Fun Slippers

An alternative to the novelty sock is the novelty slipper. A slew of options are available for under $25 that bring the festive flair through fun patterns and innovative styles. For your white elephant party, go the gag gift route with these Santa Claus slippers.

3. High Heel Tape Dispenser

Whether you’re getting a gift for a family member or an office pal, this gift is fully functional. The high heel tape dispenser is a refillable tape dispenser your gift recipient can display on their desk throughout the year. This one comes in rose gold for a bit of extra flair.

High heel tape dispenser.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Staples

4. Sneaker Pillow

If you know a lot of sneakerheads, this might be the perfect gift for your holiday exchange. Pillows come in a wide range of Yeezy and Jordan styles, so pick your favorite and get shopping.

5. Bean Boot Keychain

L.L. Bean’s Bean boots are a winter staple. But did you know the brand also makes keychains of the classic shoe? Purchase a set of three for $25, and ensure that your white elephant gift recipient never loses their keys again.


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