Shop Trendy Japanese Brand Uniqlo’s Shoes for Men and Women Starting Under $4

If you’re looking to pick up some new footwear at affordable prices for fall, check out styles from Japanese casual wear retailer Uniqlo.

Uniqlo is currently expanding its line of denim with a forthcoming concept shop opening in L.A., highlighting its narrative of Japanese craftsmanship and innovative fabrics. The store will feature hands-on ways for consumers to interact with products and learn about the label’s history.

“We are very excited to bring Uniqlo denim to L.A. in a new and interactive way,” said Hiroshi Taki, USA CEO. “We are continuously searching for new ways to serve our customers, and often look to L.A. for style and design inspiration for LifeWear, our simple, thoughtfully designed, functional apparel that is accessible to all.”

Along with denim, the shop will feature companion pieces from the brand. Of course, shoes and socks are smart ways to complement any pair of jeans.

With lace up sneakers marked down to as low as $3.90 and cozy socks to keep your toes warm, shop your heart out.


1.U Sneakers

Made with a durable nylon upper, the shoe and sole is bonded together via a vulcanizing process to keep water from seeping in. On top of, the lace-up style is minimalistic and stylish.

uniqlo u sneakers in black

2. U Slip Ons

U Slip ons are made with the same technology as the sneaker, but save some time for those that can’t bother with laces.

uniqlo U slip on shoes


3. Mesh Footsies

Uniqlo’s mesh footsies, which contain added dry technology, also come in a variety of other colors like white, navy and gray. And the mesh material provides extra breathability for your feet.

uniqlo womens mesh footsies


4. Slippers

Cozy up and slip into these fuzzy fleece-lined pink slippers from the Japanese retailer.

uniqlo pink slippers

5. Color Narrow Line Short Socks

With a simple design, these light ankle socks also come in gray and teal and would pair perfectly with crisp white sneakers.

uniqlo color narrow line short sock

6. Fairisle Socks

Team these knit half crew-length socks come in several different designs and will keep you warm all season long.

uniqlo fairisle socks
Uniqlo Fairisle socks.

7. U Hi-Cut Sneakers

Try the U lace-up sneaker in a cool high-top style paired with jeans.

uniqlo hi cut u sneakers

8. Shoe Lace Sneaker

These fire engine-red lace-up sneakers are a bargain, on sale for $3.90. Grab them before they’re gone.

mens shoe lace sneaker

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