Get a Piece of Beverly Hills Hotel History With Shoes its Iconic Leaf Wallpaper

Footwear designer George Esquivel is taking a step back in time with the launch of a shoe and accessories line in collaboration with the famed Beverly Hills Hotel.

Esquivel is using the hotel’s iconic banana leaf wallpaper as inspiration for a mule and coordinating small leather goods, available at the hotel and online.

The wallpaper was designed by famed decorator and fashion designer Don Loper in 1942, who played himself in an episode of “I Love Lucy,” in the 1950s. It features large bright leaves, and waving banana palms, and over the years became a symbol of the hotel.

“The Beverly Hills hotel has always been a symbol of style and old Hollywood charm for me,” said Esquivel. “It’s a dream to be able to create something to celebrate that lasting joie de vivre.”

Added Christoph Moje, hotel manager, “Our signature banana leaf print continues to make generations of guests nostalgic for the Beverly Hills Hotel. If anyone doubts the emotional attachment one can have to wallpapered hallways, they have not met our guests, and this stylish new collection will really have sentimental value to so many.”

The collection is produced in Esquivel’s California atelier by a team of craftsman. The mule retails for $680; wallet at $220, and clutch at $430.

This is not the first time the wallpaper has inspired a footwear collection. The Koio luxury sneaker brand has used the leafs for a series of men’s and women’s styles also available at the hotel.

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