7 Specialty Shoehorns That Make It Easy To Step Into Your Favorite Shoes

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. In today’s tech-driven world, it’s often the simplest devices that continue to perform. Case in point — the shoehorn.

Shoe horns are a tool that allows footwear to be put on more easily by keeping it open and providing a smooth surface for the foot and heel when entering the shoe.

They were in use as early as the 15th century and continued into the 16th and 17th centuries as more form fitting shoes were introduced that often required assistance in slipping into. Originally crafted from materials such as bone, horn, animal hooves and even paper, over time these versions have been replaced with less expensive metal and plastic.

While the younger generation may have never used a shoehorn, older consumers continue to appreciate the simple device, often a game changer for the elderly and disabled that are often limited in their mobility.

Now, not all shoehorns are created equal. The type of shoehorn you select will depend on the type of shoe, your height or agility. Which one is right for you?

If you plan to be seated while putting on your shoes, a shorter version can do the trick. If standing, which requires little or no bending, a longer shoehorn is more practical. required. Shorter shoehorns, easy to travel with and store, can be as small as 3 ½ inches, while longer styles can hit over 30 inches.

According to Shoehorn.com, seniors should consider the following. Plastic styles will offer the most flexibility, while versions between 21 and 31 inches are preferred when standing. Look for a large handle that’s easy to manage as well as a wide end for more foot surface.

While all shoehorns perform a similar function, they’re not created equal when it comes to quality and aesthetics. For the man who has everything, there’s a genuine horn version at $125 from Hanger Project, a seller of luxury clothing and shoe care items. There’s also a high-tech way to do shoehorns today, such as Inkarbon version in carbon fibre for durability, retailing for $69.95.

But for those who prefer to spend their money on their footwear rather than shoehorns, there are more affordable versions from colorfulimages.com that feature a whimsical grip in the shape of a hand for $5.99.

Below are some classic to novelty shoe horns that help preserve your favorite pair of shoes.


1. Vermont Shoe Company extra-long steel shoe horn 


Extra-Long Steel Shoe Horn


2. Inkarbon Carbon Fiber Shoehorn  

shoe horn
Carbon Fiber Shoe Horn.


3. Real Horn 15.5-inch Tip End Shoehorn

Shoe Horn
Kirby Allison's Hanger Project Shoe Horn.


4. Colorful Hands On Extendable Shoehorn

hands on shoe horn
Shoe horn.


5. Shoehorn’s Specialty Duck Handle Shoehorn

13″ Inch Duck Handle Specialty Shoehorn


6. OrthoStep Metal Antiqued Brushed Brass Shoehorn

OrthoStep Metal Shoe Horn


7. Footfitter Italian Black Leather Shoehorn 

FootFitter Italian Black Leather 16" Shoe Horn with Loop


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