Mariah Carey Wears Dior Moon Boots to Play in the Snow With Santa and Her Kids

As the Queen of Christmas, it’s no surprise that Mariah Carey got a personal visit from Santa Claus this year. The star documented the picture-perfect moment on Instagram with a snap showing her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, playing in the snow while Saint Nicholas’ sleigh is parked in her driveway.

Now, that’s a Hollywood-worthy Christmas story — and naturally, the powerhouse singer dressed up for the occasion. Carey wore the ultimate snow outfit, which included a red and white Louis Vuitton puffer jacket and dark ripped jeans that she dressed up with a black and gold Gucci belt. But what made her truly snow-ready were her thick white Dior moon boots, whose leather panels and sturdy rubber bottoms gave her plenty of protection from the winter weather. At the same time, the boots lived up to Carey’s glam sense of style with their shiny gold embellishments and stylish wrap-around laces.

If you’re looking to invest in some snow-ready footwear as we reach peak winter season, you should consider Carey’s pick. The designer footwear is undoubtedly high-quality but also affordable at $245. Plus, when it comes to braving the snow, you don’t want to settle for cheap shoes.

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