Caroline Vreeland: What I Loved, What Hasn’t Done It for Me & What I’ll Be Coveting Come Spring

Oh hello there, it’s me, Caroline Vreeland.

In the past few days I’ve done eight different varieties of face masks, spent more time with my driver than my boyfriend, attempted a vegetarian lifestyle (didn’t last long), danced, laughed until I cried, and attempted to fit my boobs into countless ensembles. As I now have a brief respite from the madness of New York Fashion Week, here’s what I’ve seen, what I loved, what hasn’t done it for me, and what I will be coveting come spring. Onward!

Caroline Vreeland's Fashion Week Diary
Caroline Vreeland’s Fashion Week Diary.
CREDIT: Sumana Ghosh-Witherspoon

Marc Jacobs
There was something stunning about the quietude of Marc Jacobs this year. Fashion week, with all its noise and glitz, and one exaggerated party after another (Paper Magazine had to call in the police lieutenant and there were officers on horseback outside of the Times Square Dave & Busters on Monday night…).

The silence was, I must say, nice. Music helps to define the woman walking down the catwalk — who she is, what she orders at the bar, who she falls in love with, but when you are left to your own devices to understand the looks it adds a bit of fun mysterious. It’s like dating before the internet. It left me room to wonder.

This year Marc Jacobs didn’t hesitate to repeat himself. We saw turbans (which Diana Vreeland would have heartily applauded), color, print and the gargantuan, drapey furs and bags from his past collections.

The shoes made me think instantly of Nick Cave and his sound suits — at once childlike, strange and oh so appealing.

marc jacobs spring 18 nyfw
Marc Jacobs spring ’18 at NYFW.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

Zadig & Voltaire
I’m not sure how practical the slouchy pants and crochet bralette are that opened the show, but let’s face it, folks; I am not really one for practicality and I loved it. She totally looked like the coolest skater girlfriend in Venice Beach, Calif.

Those slinky iridescent green and pink strappy sandals are definitely on my radar for spring. There’s something about a hot pant and a stiletto that’s very season three Carrie Bradshaw. (I mean this in the best possible way.)

The French cuff at pant leg was great as well.

Baja East
THRIVING. Not only are Scott Studenberg and John Targon insanely handsome and talented, they also are the most lovely and hardworking boys I know. Their show always feels like one big love fest — inclusive, special and lighthearted.

The Baja girl is always chic — and the Baja look is always a pleasure cruise… sumptuous fabrics, unusual detailing and playful, slouchy pieces you need to have NOW, IMMEDIATELY. This theme played all the way through, down to the shoes. Gorgeous sandals and slides in a dope faux crocodile.

These shoes will be perfect for going to the farmer’s market with my boyfriend on Sunday — my silent protest when he tells me not to be “extra at the market.”

Baja East collaborated with Melissa on shoes for its spring ’18 runway show.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock
Caroline Vreeland
Caroline Vreeland wearing Hudson x Baja East’s denim contour dress at Baja East’s spring ’18 NYFW show.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

Prabal Gurung
As I often like to peruse my boyfriend’s closet and borrow his blazers, I was in total heaven seeing Gigi open the show in that corseted blazer. It only got better reimagined as a long nude patent trench.

Also major was the peekaboo cutouts at the hip… I loved all the different iterations of it — cut out in a sheer blue turtle neck and unbuttoned in an array of different looks. The option to button as much or as little as possible, like a goosebumps choose your own ending.

The lucite block heel sandal is going to be so sick to wear with light denim this spring….

It’s like you are on a romantic date in Spain and having a picnic… and then a band pops up from nowhere and suddenly your picnic basket is inverted on your head! What fun to have live music at a show; it’s so much more emotional. Also, the SHOES. What in the world could be more decadent than sandals with sequins and tulle dripping off the edge? Outrageously vibrant.

The clothes felt like Cecil Beaton’s costuming for “My Fair Lady” reimagined. It’s what a modern day Eliza Doolittle would wear to the Ascot race in 2017.

Purple Mag Dinner
The Purple Magazine dinner is always a bright spot on the fashion week calendar. Where else can you rely on India Menuez to apply glitter on your temples and dance all night?

caroline vreeland, shea marie, nyfw
Caroline Vreeland, left, and Shea Marie at Purple Magazine’s 25th anniversary party.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

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