Caroline Vreeland’s Fashion Week Diary: The Tommy Hilfiger Show Is Always the Main Event

Ello! I’ve arrived in London with all my luggage. Fashion week — no, Fashion month — can sure take a lot out of a girl. Most days I feel like Holly Golightly applying my lipstick at the mailbox before dashing out into the world.

Caroline Vreeland's Fashion Week Diary
Caroline Vreeland’s Fashion Week Diary.
CREDIT: Sumana Ghosh-Witherspoon

Topshop: Arriving at the show is always a pleasure. The team is amazing, and they always have champagne. Give me all those little satin The Row-esque bags please. A couple styling choices confused me — floral body suit with teal track pants, lime green shoes and a dark brown fur … hmmm? But as the show neared its end, I got happier. Light sheer numbers with tons of feathers and razzle-dazzle that made me want to jump into a taxi and head to Loulou’s to dance all night with British strangers.

Off-White Dinner at St John: Who knew that my sexiest night in London would be in what was originally considered a streetwear brand? The look I pulled for the dinner celebrating Virgil and MyTheresa was a game-changer. The setting was perfect (all candlelight and flowers) and the company even more so — I was squeezed between Tremaine Emory and Gia Coppola as we spread liver pate onto toast. Virgil, as always, was super-humble and a fabulous host.

Versus Versace spring 2018 boots london fashion week
A style from the Versus Versace runway.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

Versus Versace: For me, this show was all about the accessories and the plaid. Those metal-embellished cowboy boots were a thing of envy; I particularly liked how they thrashed around with each stomp. A couple girls in this show were scary-skinny — I think I even recoiled once or twice out of fear for their safety. I’m a big fan of supporting all shapes and sizes, including skinny, but this was just frightening. And oh, the hair! The glorious hair! Imagine if you had just straightened within an inch of your life and then had a tussle in the haystack with your cowboy of choice! Divine.

david koma london fashion week spring 2018
A style from the David Koma runway.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

David Koma: The tall nude boot was something like a dream. The sheer striped tank is going to be an instant hit. David Koma’s collection really felt cohesive. Extravagant ruffles on the sleeve, the hip and maybe best shown on the lapel of a black blazer with mini. Finally, a track pant that could feel at home on a red carpet. The wide neck on the white minidress with blue detailing felt especially young and fresh. Again we see a high-boot/long-skirt combination.

David Koma is one of maybe three designers that I feel actually stays consistently himself while constantly evolving with each collection in both his name brand and at Mugler. You can always identify his work and craftsmanship, but it never ever feels stale or stagnant. I DIE for the red Jessica Rabbit dress that closed the show and quickly texted David asking for it.

Adesuwa Aighewi tommy hilfiger runway
Adesuwa Aighewi on the Tommy Hilfiger runway.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

Tommy: The Tommy Hilfiger show is always the main event, no matter what city they decide to throw their circus in (or football stadium, or life-size lake with boats, or carnival). And of course, in London, they didn’t disappoint. The clothes held the confident fierce triumph of a young rebel who snuck out of the house to sweet-talk their way backstage at the rock concert. The highlight, for me, was seeing my friend Adesuwa walk and kill it; I’m so proud of the season she’s having.

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