Spiked Pumps, Bedazzled Crocs & More Crazy Shoes of Paris Fashion Week

Balenciaga shoe designer David Beauciel excelled this season, taking three spots in our Craziest Shoes of Paris hall of fame.

One: the spikes. If you thought it was difficult getting a pair of Louboutins or Valentino Rock Studs onto a plane, try explaining to airport security that these bad boys aren’t really a weapon.

Two: the Dollar and Euro print stretch boots. Reassuringly expensive? Mais oui!

Three: the bedazzled Crocs. The renaissance of the Croc didn’t start and end with Christopher Kane. Balenciaga’s platform versions, dubbed “Foam,” have (literally) elevated the shoe to an entire new level.

And speaking of height, while we’re not sure if the heeled Nike styles at Comme des Garcons will reach the “it shoe” status of Virgil Abloh’s “The Ten” collaboration, we’d still enjoy putting them through their paces at the gym.

Yes, it was certainly a week of extremes in Paris, from the exaggerated tassels on Pheobe Philo’s loafers at Céline to the court jester-esque curling toes on Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe sneakers (of which we’re secretly rather fond).

Finally, love the beautiful black and white feathered boot styles at Saint Laurent as we did, we’re not entirely sure about the blue versions. They did, ever so slightly, remind us of a Fraggle.

Click through the gallery to see more crazy styles.

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