Former White House Usher Recalls When Hillary Clinton’s Inaugural Shoes Were Lost During Move

Today, while Donald Trump is being sworn in as president of the United States, the White House staff will be in a frenzy as the Obama family moves out of their home for the last eight years and the new first family comes in. For security reasons, outside movers are not hired to do the job — instead, all White House staff must pitch in to get the job done.

As one might expect, this can be chaotic, as former White House usher Nancy Mitchell recalled.

Mitchell, the first female White House usher, told “Today” that when the Clinton family moved into the White House in 1993, Hillary Clinton’s shoes for the inauguration were nowhere to be found.

“We started tearing out items in the closets, and finally we found them in Chelsea’s room covered up with some other items. I never felt so happy in my life!” Mitchell said.

Chelsea Bill Hillary Clinton Inauguration 1993
Bill Clinton at his inauguration in 1993 with wife Hillary Clinton (right) and daughter Chelsea Clinton (left).
CREDIT: REX Shutterstock

The Obama family has not finished moving out yet, although moving trucks were spotted at their new Washington, D.C., home. The process of moving in new furniture, beds and more will begin as soon as President Obama and President-elect Trump depart the White House for the inauguration ceremony.

Watch more on the White House moves below.

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