Marc Fisher Gets Updates About His Grandchildren and His Shoe Samples at the Same Time

The shoe business has been in the Fisher family blood for many decades. Sam Fisher was a founding member of the Two Ten Footwear Foundation, and his son Jerome Fisher — who died last year — famously co-founded Nine West and transformed the industry. “My father strongly believed in quality and fit. He taught me to not cut corners on the product and to deliver value to our customers,” Marc Fisher said.

Today, Marc — whose late sister Jodi co-founded the Shoes on Sale breast cancer fundraiser — continues to rapidly expand his own namesake business, Marc Fisher Footwear. Marc’s children Adam, Amanda and Lauren all work alongside their father.

Jerome Fisher (center) with his son Marc left and grandchildren

The elder Fisher said he and his team worked hard to make sure his children understood all aspects of the business. “When my kids first started at the company, I had them rotate through specific roles on the product side to gain a well-rounded understanding of the process from start to finish,” he said “They were each given a lot of responsibility within the company early on which has fostered a healthy autonomy in their decision-making.”

“I’ve been given the incredible opportunity to work alongside my kids every day. I get updates on my grandkids at the same time that I get updates on shoe samples,” Marc said. “I’ve also come to realize that my kids teach me as much as I teach them. I made a conscious effort not to push my kids into the footwear industry, but now that they’re at the company, it’s gratifying to see four generations of family involved.”

Jack Fisher Remembered
Jerome Fisher with Adam, Anne, Jill, Marc and Lauren Fisher.
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