This Blogger With 1 Million Followers Reveals How She Makes Money

Something Navy blogger Arielle Charnas already has one million followers watching her every move on Instagram. And yes, it’s mainly due to her careful curation of fashion’s current trends, classic style and the inside look at all the access she receives as a prominent influencer. But, Charnas wouldn’t have such a loyal following if it wasn’t for her authenticity and transparency.

Followers are able to see her day-to-day life with her husband and child, and recently, Charnas opened up even more on her Instagram. It was all about that taboo subject: money.

“Not sure why any of this is supposed to be a secret or isn’t talked about,” she posted on her Instagram Stories. “This is how bloggers make money. It’s a freelance job. You never know when you’ll get paid, so it’s important to be smart about how you manage your income. It’s also important to be smart about the projects you take on.”

Many wonder how these social media influencers actually get paid, and others wonder if bloggers and influencers will promote just about anything to make a quick buck. When it comes down to making money, Charnas is clear about the fact that she only works with brands she likes.

“I don’t want to lose the trust of my followers. I don’t want my followers to spend money on things that are a waste or a sh-tty product/service. I care and like what I promote, even if some may choose to believe otherwise. As a team, we make the decisions of what we want to share/promote on my page, and you guys are always what we are thinking about when making those decisions,” she wrote on Instagram.

So whether its getting paid through posting products, collaborations or working with affiliate programs, Charnas breaks it down on how it all works:

“We make money based on collaborations,” she said. “If there is a brand we like/use/love, they pay a fee for a guaranteed mention of their product or service. Our agency gets the check, they take a fee and then they pay us. And for me personally, once I get my check, I put half of it in for taxes, and another chunk away for my mortgage and then I pay my employees and a nanny [who] helps me with my daughter.”

She also noted a specific affiliate program — liketoknow.it — that pays bloggers. She said, “When we wear an outfit and everyone wants to know where to buy it, we share a link that gives us a commission from the sales of that item.”

Next up, Charnas has a capsule collection launching with Nordstrom’s private-label brand Treasure & Bond, which is set to hit stores this month.

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