5 Tips to Starting Your Own Business

Fashion entrepreneurs Jessie Randall and Joey Wölffer are opening up on their journeys to success. On June 1, at the Two Ten WIFI national event in New York, the women will share their stories. Here, Randall, the co-founder and creative director of Loeffler Randall, and Wölffer, founder and creative director of The Styleliner, gave Footwear News a preview of what it took to get to the top.

Here are some tips.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. 

Said Wölffer, “Make sure you do work you care about. Believing in yourself and your idea is half the battle. When times get really tough, you have to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. And then don’t be afraid to take risks. You may fail, but it’s far worse than not trying.”

On a career-defining moment, she said: “Taking the leap from my corporate job. I had a fantastic position, but I knew that it wasn’t my dream. It was terrifying but my whole world has changed because I took a chance on myself.”

Joey Wolffer The Styliner
The Styleliner’s Joey Wölffer.
CREDIT: Courtesy Photo.

Be passionate. 

Randall said, “My husband and I always knew we wanted to start a company together, but we didn’t always know what kind of company it would be. The best decision we ever made was when my husband said, ‘We have to start a shoe company, because there is nothing you love more than shoes.’ By focusing on something I am truly passionate about, we have been able to grow and sustain this brand. It’s something we are genuinely excited to work on every single day.”

Get some experience first. 

“Go to work in the industry you want to work in,” said Randall. “It’s so important to get training and real work experience in your industry before jumping into starting a company.”

Loeffler Randall Jessie Randall
Loeffler Randall’s Jessie Randall.
CREDIT: Courtesy Image.

Hire employees who believe in you.

“[I look for] people who believe in my concept and my vision,” said Wölffer. “It is essential that they share my passion for what we’re doing so that we are all working toward the same call.”

Protect your company culture. 

Said Randall, “We are always looking for people who are a good cultural fit for our company. And we are very explicit in explaining what our culture is all about. This is a company of smart, hardworking, superstar players, but also everyone at my company is also a kind, good person. I want to spend my time with people who are happy, positive and passionate about what they do. We are very careful about who we let into our circle, and we protect our culture at all costs because it’s such an important part of our company.”

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