BBC International’s Margot Lazar Shares Her Best Advice for Achieving Work-Life Balance

Each day in June, FN is highlighting female forces in the industry as part of our Women in Power series.

For nearly 20 years, Margot Lazar has been the driving force behind BBC International’s thriving licensing business. As SVP for the Boca Raton, Fla.-based firm, she’s helped land and manage such powerhouse entertainment brands as Disney, Warner Bros. and Marvel. As BBC’s stable of licenses continues to expand, every day is a juggling act for the busy exec, but Lazar has learned to take it all in stride. Here, she talks about finding balance, navigating change and embracing new opportunities.

What was the biggest breakthrough moment in your career?
“I was fortunate to have opportunities throughout my career that gave me the chance to gain a new skill set with each job. When I joined BBC 18 years ago, it was a big change because not only did I make a large geographical move but I entered a new industry. In this position, I work within the traditional licensing model, but I also see the business from a variety of different sides and have the ability to be a part of strategic objectives. This has enabled me to have an impact on the business and the work I do in a new way.”

Is there anything you would have done differently?
“No, I am very happy where I am personally and professionally, and I feel that the journey has led me to a place I am pleased with.”

Do you think women do enough to support other women in the workplace?
“Our company strongly supports women, and I work with many strong women both here and within the broader industry. I believe we can always be mindful of our role to help others, women included.”

What is the biggest challenge you faced in the last year, and how did you overcome it?
“One challenge that was more prominent this year than in the past was an increase in travel and time away from home. Handling challenges is not always easy, but it is important to understand that you cannot do it all. You have to take deep breaths and take it one step at a time and make sure you set up those family weekends within your schedule to regroup and get grounded before you pick up again.”

Looking back, what advice would you give to your younger self?
“Make the most of all the moments with your family and friends, pursue a path you enjoy, believe in yourself, work as a team and continue to take on new opportunities. I also wish I had listened to those who told me that time flies — it truly does. I wish I had appreciated that statement a bit more.”

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