Ellen DeGeneres Donates $1M to Hurricane Harvey Relief Set Up by J.J. Watt

As a Houston Texan, providing relief and aid to victims of Hurricane Harvey is a top priority for Reebok ambassador and NFL defensive end J.J. Watt. He initiated the Houston Flood Relief Fund earlier in the week to help those stranded or in need of assistance and spread his message: “We will come out of this stronger than ever. We are Texans.” 

Water is currently the biggest necessity of the flood victims, so Watt’s fund has been loading trucks with water and other cleaning supplies to deliver directly to those in need.

When Ellen DeGeneres got wind of Watt’s efforts, the comedienne and footwear designer got on board. She invited Watt onto The Ellen Show via livestream on Wednesday to share the news that she and Walmart had joined together to donate $1 million to the fund.

“When Texas needed him, J.J. Watt was there. I was honored to help make this amazing gift from Walmart possible,” DeGeneres later wrote on Twitter.

DeGeneres’ contribution brought the donations over $8.5 million. Afterwards, the Houston Flood Relief Fund surpassed its $10 million goal.

In addition to her television work and her ED Ellen DeGeneres clothing and footwear line, DeGeneres has been involved in philanthropic causes for many years. This most recent donation is just one of many instances in which DeGeneres used her talk show as a platform for charitable work.

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