Michael Kors Dreams About Dressing Queen Elizabeth One Day

Michael Kors secretly dreams about dressing Queen Elizabeth II.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, the famed fashion designer revealed that he wants to dress the queen more than any other celebrity because of the British monarch’s “aplomb” regarding everything she wears.

“She would be my ultimate person to be able to dress,” Kors told the publication. “To pull it off with such aplomb, it’s amazing.”

Now 91, Queen Elizabeth II has been getting her outfits picked out by the same Buckingham Palace stylist, Angela Kelly, for more than 20 years. Throughout that time, the queen’s style has become defined by simple dress suits, plaid, coats in bright colors and elaborate coordinating hats.

Michael Kors London Regent Street Store Opening
Gwyneth Paltrow celebrates Michael Kors’ Regent Street London store opening.
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Kors, by contrast, has been running his fashion brand since 1981. Known to blend streetwear style into business and evening attire, the 58-year-old designer has dressed celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Heidi Klum, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.

As he told Harper’s Bazaar, Kors is a stickler for “consistency,” as it comes to define one’s personal style or, in Queen Elizabeth II’s case, the regal outfits she wears from day to day.

queen elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II.
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“She has a total understanding of her life, her needs, what’s the best part to show off … I love the consistency. I think it’s brilliant,” said Kors. “At the end of the day, consistency is what becomes style versus just fashion.”

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