Drake Got Roasted on Social Media for Wearing These ‘Dad’ Shoes Onstage β€” See the Best Reactions

Drake has been teased for his hairline, dance moves and past life as an actor on Canadian teen drama “Degrassi: The Next Generation” — and the performer is catching flack again, this time for wearing a pair of loafers onstage that some fans say resemble “dad” shoes.

The rapper posted two photos of himself performing in Miami on Aug. 1 in a pair of Tom Ford loafers, complete with a chain-strap detail, and captioned the two images “story” and “vacation?”

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Fans were immediately all over Drake for his shoe choice, with most reactions and memes comparing the shoes to something a dad would wear: @successfulyou wrote “Looking like my papeeee lol,” @byg_poppa wrote “Drake out here looking like somebody dad at a pta meeting, telling the other parents about child safety” and @25haj wrote “You dressed like a proud African father at his child’s graduation 😂.”

Others were concerned that the rapper was sporting loafers with no socks underneath — @rudyui wrote to “Put some socks on boy” — but some fans dug the look, like @dwalt, who wrote “Respect the loafers 🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

Although many fans thought Drake was wearing Gucci shoes, the loafers were actually Tom Ford. They retail for nearly $900 and are currently available for purchase online.

Tom Ford Chain-Trimmed Leather Loafers, $890; mrporter.com

While the criticism was all in good fun, it just goes to show that even the most successful artists aren’t immune to a little social media mockery.

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