Disney’s Nathan Arenas Talks Shoes and Getting Recognized by Fans

Nathan Arenas knows how to get noticed.

With his spunky personality and wildly patterned wardrobe, the 11-year-old actor has been stealing scenes on the hit Disney Channel series “Bunk’d” since it debuted in 2015. On the show — a spinoff of another popular Disney series, “Jessie” — Arenas plays camper Jorge Ramirez, whose propensity for telling fibs gets him into some sticky situations.

The cast of the Disney Channel TV series “Bunk’d.”
CREDIT: Courtesy of Disney Channel.

In real life, Arenas is just as spunky — and that includes his fashion choices. The Los Angeles-born tween favors bold looks, and he’s an admitted footwear fanatic. “I love shoes because they tag along with your style — and they can make you appear taller!” he said, citing Vans and Nike among his favorite brands.

As “Bunk’d” gets ready to wrap up its second season this week, Footwear News caught up with the rising star to talk sneakers, shopping and why Ryan Reynolds is his fashion hero.

Nathan Arenas counts Nike and Vans among his favorite shoe brands.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Disney Channel.

My personal style: “I usually wear jeans, some Vans, a red shirt or something colorful like that, and either a hoodie or a denim jacket. My style is very casual and relaxed.”

Number of pairs owned: “About six pairs of formal shoes and maybe 10 pairs of casual shoes.”

Favorite brands: “Definitely Vans and Nike. They are both so comfortable.”

All-time favorite pair: “I’d say my red Vans high-tops. Not only are they awesome looking, but they are super comfortable. It also helps that red is my favorite color, so they’re just perfect.”

Go-to shoe for dressier events: “It depends, because sometimes for a premiere they tell us to dress really formal and sometimes they give us a specific theme. But I wear Vlado shoes often, because they have really awesome designs, including a lot of high-tops.”

Favorite pair to wear on set: “I like wearing my gray Skechers because they have memory foam [in them], which makes them super comfortable when I have to be on my feet the whole day.”

On my wish list: “I really want to get a pair of red Supra Flow Run sneakers. They look so cool.”

The actor prefers a casual, relaxed style when he’s not on set.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Disney Channel.

How much input I get in my character’s wardrobe: “I work closely with the show’s stylist. She asks for my opinion on different shoes and clothes for Jorge, so I do get to put in some opinions.”

If I could raid Jorge’s wardrobe: “I would take the black Converse low-tops that I wore in the [Season 2] episode called ‘Dance in My Pants.’”

Shopping haunts: “My favorite places to shop for shoes are Foot Locker and Zumiez.”

Celebrity fashion idol: “When it comes to style, Ryan Reynolds dresses casual yet stylish, which I think is perfect.”

Why I love acting: “It’s amazing because you are surrounded by people who love you and who are your role models. And it feels incredible when I get recognized by fans, because it lets me know that I’m doing a great job and leaving an impression.”

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