Ariana Grande Slips Onstage Dancing in Soaring Thigh-High Boots

On her “Dangerous Woman” tour, Ariana Grande opts for some extra height with stilettoed boots, but even she’s not immune to a little slip-up every now and then.

Yesterday, Grande posted a GIF to Instagram that shows her sliding onstage in her thigh-highs during a performance in Southeast Asia, captioning the image: “Can’t believe we made it to the second to last show without me slipping on that slippery ass stool honestly I’ll take it 🙏🏼🙈😂.”

The pop star, who stands at just 5 feet, makes herself seem much taller by wearing sky-high stilettos — and usually she’s a pro at walking in them.

“She’s the only person I know who does a concert in 6-inch heels. This girl doesn’t stumble,” said Grande’s stylist, Law Roach. “After her show in Anaheim, we went to Disneyland, and she still walked around in 6-inch heels. Those feet are magical. She is my dream girl when it comes to that.”

Even though the singer stumbled a bit, she nearly made it through the tour without a slip-up: Grande’s tour — which began in early February — wraps up today.

Click through the gallery to see Ariana Grande’s height illusion trick in extreme heels.

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