Alexa Chung Reveals the Biggest Hurdle to Starting Her Own Label & the Trend She Won’t Try

It’s been quite a year for Alexa Chung, who just launched her eponymous label, Alexachung, this year. The 34-year-old’s launch has received strong reviews so far, but she nevertheless describes the launch process as mentally taxing.

 “I think the most stressful thing was the psychological jump I had to make in committing to a lifelong project. I basically am using my name for this, so I’m sort of married to it,” Chung said tonight at the 2017 Footwear News Achievement Awards in New York City, where her label will take home the award for Launch of the Year. “Everyone on the team at Alexachung in London does such a great job, so that wasn’t stressful. Sort of just embracing responsibility was the hardest thing.”

Alexachung fall 2017 collection
Alexachung fall 2017 collection.

The designer, who took home the award for Style Influencer of the Year two years ago, has already made a big splash in the fashion scene before venturing out on her own, collaborating with brands such as AG Jeans, Longchamp and Madewell.

Chung also dished on her favorite of-the-moment styles. She’s a fan of the menswear-inspired suit look, but she said there’s one trend that’s not for her.

“Probably a see-through dress with a thong isn’t my [thing] — I need to do a few more squats before that can happen,” Chung said.

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