5 Expert Tips On How to Organize Your Shoe Closet

Lifestyle service Neat Method, founded by Ashley Murphy and Molly Graves, is the latest organizing business making its way to consumers’ closets and homes. The company offers online and in-home services in cities across the country, and actress Kate Hudson is just one client who recently transformed her shoe closet with help from Neat.

Here, Graves gives FN five fast tips on how store, display and show off your footwear collection.

1. “We fully believe in color-coding. You can see how much you have of a particular color of shoe and style. This helps you purge items you no longer need more quickly when you can see just how many you actually have.”

2. “Unless you are a regular consigner of your shoes, there is not reason to have stacks and stacks of shoe dusters and shoeboxes.”

3. “[For small spaces], we love putting tennis shoes and sandals in a basket. You can fit so many pairs in such a small amount of space.”

 4. “[For storage], we like to put less worn shoes in clear, plastic containers so that they can easily be seen but dust is kept away.”

 5. “We believe in making your closet your favorite place to ‘shop.’  Shoes should be split into four categories: sandals/flats, tennis shoes, heels, boots/booties. Then, within those categories they should be color coded and toes facing out.”

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