These Shoes Are Designed With Built-In Comfort Insoles

More and more women’s footwear brands are delivering comfort to consumers these days. But, a select group are taking the concept to the next level by building shoes around their own over-the-counter orthotics.

These footbed-focused designs are an alternative for consumers who don’t want the hassle of swapping insoles from shoe to shoe, or their own shoes don’t allow the option of adding a replacement insole.

Vionic thong
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Vionic Nala T-strap sandal, $99.95; vionicshoes.com

Superfeet, has incorporated its Supercork Premium insole to its range of sandals and shoes. According to Dan Wakelan, product manager for Superfeet, “The shoe moves with the wearer’s stride and delivers the best performance available,” noting the insoles are made of a recycled cork and EVA blend and feature a deep heel cup to more securely position the foot.

Spenco, a supplier of insoles as well as footcare products, builds its shoes based on the design of its Total Support footbed that features deep heel cups, orthotic-grade arch support, metatarsal dome and cushioned forefoot.

CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Spenco Montauk striped mule, $84.99; spenco.com

Like Superfeet and Spenco, Vionic has used its signature insoles as the foundation for a companion line of shoes that feature a podiatrist designed footbed that support the body from the ground up and feature deep heel cups, substantial arch supports and firm, yet flexible midsoles.

Insole make Sole has also integrated its orthotics into a line of sandals and closed-up styles. All offer arch support and deep heel cups for enhanced comfort and support, with some featuring recycled cork for an eco-friendly approach.

Sole flip-flops
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Sole Flips cork footbed flip-flop, $80, yoursole.com

Taking a technical approach is Abeo with is B.I.O system that provides a personalized fit through its built-in orthotics. The collection incorporates a digital foot scanning technology that calculates the optimum footbed construction for your foot type.

Abeo sandal
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Abeo Brigita lace-up sandal, $119.95; abeofootwear.com

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