13 Nude Shoe Styles for Darker Skin Tones

With the recent June 28 release of Christian Louboutin’s special nude capsule collection, FN is taking a look at some of the styles from the label’s multihued line, as well as other brands that offer a great range of nude selections for darker skin tones.

First off, encrusted with a Swarovski crystal dégradé, these Louboutin ankle strap pumps make the perfect party shoe.


Christian Louboutin
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Christian Louboutin Degrarivierina Toudou N°7, $1,395; christianlouboutin.com

Another great statement shoe for summer ’17 is the Cherrysandal Ada platform pump, featuring a sleek buckle and PVC strap.

christian louboutin
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Christian Louboutin Cherrysandal Ada N°6, $895; christianlouboutin.com

Also trying to bring a wider range of nude colorways to the fashion world is shoe brand Kahmune.

“I was in search of items that matched my dark skin tone, but all I kept coming across were the same beige, cream and tan shades,” Jamela Acheampong told Elle this year on why she started Kahmune.  “It was overtly clear that ‘nude’ had a type.”

Enter: Kahmune’s leather ankle strap sandal — perfectly simple and chic.

CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Kahmune Enugu Lucy Sandal, £219; kahmune.com

Another shoe from the collection are these classic pointed-toe suede pumps.

CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Kahmune Kumasi Becky x Suede Pump, £189; kahmune.com

To shop more nude shoe styles for darker skin tones, check out the gallery.

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