New Pump Collection With Sneakerlike Comfort Launch on Kickstarter

The quest for a comfortable pump continues. This time, Antonia Saint NY is joining the movement with a Kickstarter quest set to wind up on Sept. 3

The campaign, which so far has received pledges of more than $570,000, far surpassing its $50,000 goal, is bringing the comfort of a sneaker to a high-heel pump and flat.

The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based startup was co-founded by Antonia Saint Dunbar, also co-founder of women’s performance underwear and activewear brands Thinx and Icon, as well as the Brooklyn Shoe Factory, which offers small-batch manufacturing out of the Brooklyn Shoe Space, space-working studio for shoemakers and leather workers.

Antonio Saint NY comfort pump
The Victoria high-heel comfort pump from Antonio Saint NY.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

“I started to pay attention to the construction of our shoes, and I realized that the industry is a total racket,” said Saint Dunbar. “You’re expected to move in shoes that have no technology or comfort,” adding shoe brands expect women to modify their shoes with inserts and cushions.

To develop the line, Saint Dunbar worked with industry experts in design and manufacturing, as well as podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine for the launch of a patent-pending SoftSurround System, which has all-around cushioning and underfoot support. It includes a dual-layered foam support underfoot, side cushioning strips to gently hold the foot and tri-arch support.

Antonio Saint NY Jane Autumn flat
Antonio Saint NY Jane Autumn comfort flat.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Since women often have different-size feet, mismatched pairs can be ordered. To ensure the best fit possible, the company will send a Fit Kit during the survey process to determine your size.

Prices for the campaign are as follows. A pledge of $170 or more gets you the Jane Autumn Flat, $125 off the future cost of the style, while a pledge of $236 entitles you to the Victoria High Heel, $129 off the future cost. The ultimate High Heel Lover Package, at $1,016 or more, includes 3-day Stiletto Shoemaking class at the Brooklyn Shoe Space, free $70 custom-fitting service and one Victoria High Heel.

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