This Boutique Hardly Has Any Clothes & Shoes — The Reason Will Blow Your Mind

At Egrey boutique in Brazil, less is more.

The São Paulo-based womenswear store, which was recently remodeled by MNMA studio, features very little when it comes to the clothing and shoes spread throughout its minimal interior.

Egrey boutique,
Egrey boutique.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Andre Klotz

While Egrey was previously two separate buildings divided by an alleyway, MNMA conjoined the two via a single-story area that’s as sparsely occupied as the balance of the store. From the streetside, where lengthy windows offer a view, onlookers will see just a mannequin fitted with a white dress.

“Connecting both volumes, there is a translucent attachment that allows the entrance of natural light, thus creating an inner atmosphere with the sensation of the passage of time by the variation of the light itself,” said MNMA Studio in a statement.

“We believe in processes that do not speak of form but rather of sensations, from the ephemeral to the permanent.”

egrey, brazil, boutique
A clothing rack features just one pair of shoes in the same zone.
CREDIT: André Klotz

Among the store’s design attributes are plain white walls, concrete floors and hidden cove lighting.

Select furniture, like neutral-colored chairs and coffee tables, are peppered throughout, as well as a few clothing racks. Hanging on the thin black rails are simplistic yet elevated pieces such as shift dresses, blouses and pants that skew workwear. Red, burgundy, tan, white, gray and black make up the assortment’s tight color palette.

egrey, brazil, boutique
Egrey boutique features few clothes and shoes throughout its minimal store design.
CREDIT: André Klotz

Just about a dozen shoes are sprinkled underneath the garments throughout the stores. The styles are primarily made up of sneakers — a small mix of low, mid and high tops — a pair of black boots and a sleek pair of black sandals.

With an even more streamlined color palette than the clothing, the shoes, in black, white, gray and tan — will at least easily match back to the apparel.

egrey, brazil, boutique
An exterior view of Egrey boutique in Brazil.
CREDIT: André Klotz

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egrey, brazil, boutique
Black clothing racks feature minimal clothing with few pairs of shoes underneath them.
CREDIT: André Klotz

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