Grownups Can Now Wear Miss Piggy and the Muppets on Their Feet

Miss Piggy is a fashion icon in her own right.

And now you can embody her — along with the other Muppets — through your footwear. British company Irregular Choice’s Muppets collection, which also features handbags, will be available for purchase starting next Friday, Oct. 27.

The brand’s Miss Piggy shoe is a T-strap sandal that comes in a lavender, gold and sky-blue colorway and features a plush rendering of the famous pig.

Every inch of the shoe provides whimsical detailing, such as patterning of Miss Piggy’s eye on the stiletto heel and lining that features all of the Muppets’ famous faces, and a portrait of the pig on the shoe’s sole, set alongside her signature “Hiii-yaa” karate chop catchphrase.

In addition to Miss Piggy, the collection includes styles with three other Muppets: Animal, Gonzo and, of course, Kermit.

The Animal shoe features a fluffy red exterior and Animal’s recognizable facial features, along with the Muppet’s “Louder” catchphrase written in glistening gold uppercase letters.

The second Animal shoe is an orange and pink pointy-toed flat, complete with feathers to mimic the character’s facial features.

The Kermit shoes show the Muppet dancing, including glitter and sequins for some glamour, and the Gonzo shoes feature a star pattern, but Irregular Shoes hasn’t released full imagery for those styles yet.

The collection will be available at L.A.’s Tilted Sole’s Beverly Center and around 40 minutes south at Irvine Spectrum Center, as well as on tiltedsole.com. The shoes can also be ordered online at ashburyskies.com, fun.com and uniquevintage.com.

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