5 Tips From a Podiatrist for Getting Your Feet Ready for Summer

Getting into shape for spring is a head-to-toe endeavor these days, from trimming your waistline to rejuvenating your feet after a winter in boots.

California podiatrist Dr. Joan Oloff, who has her own line of upscale fashion-comfort footwear for women, has five tips for bringing your feet up to speed for the big summer reveal.

1. Since you spent winter in closed-up footwear, boney prominences on your feet were likely irritated by constant friction with shoes or boots. This may have resulted in unsightly and often painful calluses and corns. While there are lots of home remedies on the market to help eliminate them, said Oloff, it’s best to see a doctor for these medical conditions.

2. Nail health is also often overlooked, said Oloff, with closed shoes a breeding ground for fungus. Over-the-counter treatments, she advises, may not deliver the proper remedy, so once again visit your doctor.

3. For common conditions such as dry heels, a pumice stone can help smooth skin in an at-home treatment. Then follow up with a skin softener for everyday maintenance.

4. The warm climate inside a shoe can also lead to athlete’s foot. Here, Oloff suggests flossing in between toes with gauze after showering to make sure the area is both clean and dry, eliminating a breeding ground for bacteria.

5. Since colder temperatures can lead to dry, cracked skin, bacteria can find its way through these openings. Oloff says moisturizing skin is essential. There are lots of good lotions and creams on the market. When using them, spread lightly on the foot then cover with a sock to allow for proper absorption.

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