Everyday California Debuts First Flip-Flops — and Here’s Where to Get Them

Get ready to flip out.

La Jolla, Calif.-based surf lifestyle brand Everyday California (a division of Cherokee Global Brands) has launched its first footwear collection — a series of five flip-flops for men and women that’s now available at Everyday California stores and on its website, as well as at 60 Flip Flop Shops locations around the country.

As Footwear News reported in March, the collection was co-developed by Saliluz LLC (a division of Cobian Footwear) and Flip Flop Shops, another member of the Cherokee Global Brands family.

Everyday California
Everyday California footwear will now be sold at Flip Flop Shops.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Brian Curin, president of Flip Flops Shops, told FN that the retailer had been searching for a special flip-flop project. “We did a lot of research with Cherokee into finding what would resonate,” he said. “We looked at whether we should do it under our name or acquire a brand, but we kept coming back to Everyday California. It’s no secret that California, as a brand, is hot. It resonates everywhere. You see a lot of California-branded products everywhere.

The Everyday California collection consists of two women’s styles — the slim-cut La Jolla and the more rugged Solana — which will retail from $36 to $44. For men, the brand is offering three looks: The Everyday, Big Rock and The O-Side, priced from $24 to $44.

Everyday California
Women’s and men’s styles from the Everyday California flip-flop collection.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

What we’ve learned over these years is less is more,” said Curin. “We wanted to go into this focused on just a couple of styles and ensure the sell-through is there before we make a decision to expand.

The sandals are made using a range of materials, including vegan leather and soft synthetic rubber, with molded EVA footbeds. And the Solana comes with a nonslip rubber sole. The styles also feature the Everyday California name, as well as the brand’s logo of Brutus the bear holding a surfboard.

Michael Samar, co-founder and managing partner at Everyday California, said in a statement, “Our vision has always been to create a company that embodies the California spirit and living life to the fullest.”

Everyday California Flip Flop Shops
Everyday California’s La Jolla flip-flop for women.
CREDIT: Courtesy of retailer
Everyday California Flip Flop Shops
Everyday California’s Solano women’s flip-flop in tan.
CREDIT: Courtesy of retailer

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