How One Fashion Brand Is Sending a Serious Message on Equal Pay Day

As advocacy groups across the U.S. bring attention to income disparities between women and men, in observance of Equal Pay Day, one socially conscious footwear and accessories brand is taking a stand of its own.

FashionABLE, a lifestyle label that has made an operational model around creating sustainable business opportunities for women, said it is taking extra steps to educate consumers on the harmful effects of the gender wage gap and what can be done to overcome it. (The Apr. 4 observance of Equal Pay Day represents the additional months women must work to earn what men were paid through the previous Dec. 31.)

In addition to offering a limited-edition t-shirt (made by women in Peru) and a pouch (made by women in Mexico) to raise awareness for Equal Pay Day, the brand has created a landing page with information to empower women around the cause.

feminist pouch fashionable
Fashionable’s “Feminist” pouch, made by women in Mexico.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Visitors will find a compelling video that features young girls sharing their innocent and poignant views of being treated equally,” the company said. “The website will educate consumers on the history of Equal Pay Day, along with statistics to support the current wage gap. It will also contain a how-to video for employees to ask for a raise, and resources to get involved with current legislation.”

The brand is also offering a 20 percent discount on the red leather pouch and white t-shirt, which are adorned with the word “FEMINIST” with the letter S replaced with a dollar sign to emphasize the message of equal pay.

It’s important to our company to stand for equality for women, both in job possibilities and
 income,” said Barrett Ward, Fashionable’s founder and CEO. “Equality is the core of feminism, and this is something that we all — both women and men — can and should support.

The brand employs women in Ethiopia, Mexico, Peru and the U.S. who have overcome extreme adversity, including poverty, addiction and prostitution.

fashionable equal pay day
Fashionable’s Equal Pay Day campaign.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

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