8 Trendy Sneakers That College Women Are Loving Right Now

Comfort reigns supreme on college campuses —  with students wearing sweatshirts, leggings and T-shirts — and sneakers are the most comfortable shoe option possible.

But while the market is saturated with sneaker options, there are a few kicks that almost every college girl seems to have.

The single most popular sneaker seems to be the Adidas Superstar, a style that has developed a devoted fandom in the past few years. One reason for the shoe’s popularity is its versatility: The Superstar is a kick that works with just about any clothing item, from a casual dress to jeans to a suit. Several other classic styles from the German footwear company have also proven their staying power, including the Stan Smith, which can be purchased with on-trend Velcro fasteners, and the Gazelle, which comes in chic colors like turquoise, millennial pink and mint green.

Adidas Superstar
The Adidas Superstar
CREDIT: Courtesy of Finish Line

Other classic styles remain popular, like both the low-top and high-top versions of Converse All Stars.

For more athletic kicks, sportswear giant Nike seems to be the biggest brand people buy. Basic black sneakers do the trick, but some students may opt for colorways that are a bit more fun, and the Nike Flyknit Zoom, which features interesting designs, is one shoe choice that many students seem to be interested in.

Nike, sneakers
Nike Zoom Flyknit Streak
CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike

Click through the gallery to see more sneakers that are super popular for college girls.

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