9 Comfy & Stylish Sandals for Women With Flat Feet

Have flat feet? Sounds much scarier than it really is. According to WebMD, the condition simply means the foot does not have a curve or arch, typically the result of tendons not pulling together properly.

While the condition, also referred to as fallen arches, can cause feet to tire easily as well as cause back and leg pain, it’s easy to remedy with sandals designed with built-in arch support.

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Earth Shoes Bay, $110; Earthbrands.com.
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Now, don’t think stylish sandals are out of reach just because you require arch support. There’s a wide range of fashion and comfort brands seamlessly incorporating arch supports into their footbeds.

According to Rick Ravel, owner of Kara-Vel Shoes in Austin, Texas and a certified pedorthist, when sandal shopping, customers should make sure shoes are also wide enough. If feet roll over the sides, the built-in arch support won’t do its job.

It’s easy to build a sandal wardrobe of arch support styles this season. For those devoted to flip-flops, Reef does its Cushion Butter flatform style with enhanced  underfoot cushioning. However, warns Ravel, cushioning should not be so soft it breaks down, causing the arch support to flatten.

Therafit’s Jasmine flip-flop and Abeo’s Bea Neutral t-strap sandal have both been awarded the Seal Of Acceptance by The American Podiatric Medical Association, for their comfort and support features.

Looking for something a bit dressier? Earth Shoes does a multi-color gladiator sandal with multi-density cushioning and arch support. Or, try Birkenstock’s Gizeh soft footbed thong in metallic violet.

Since there are lots of options online for sandals with arch supports, it is wise to check out customer reviews to help you find the one just the one to meet your specific needs.

Click through the gallery to view our roundup of stylish sandals for women with flat feet.

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