6 Giraffe-Themed Socks for the Serious Animal Lover

Giraffe mania has been sweeping the globe, thanks to a breakout star at the Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York.

The park is home to the pregnant giraffe April, who is due to give birth any day now to her fourth calf. For the past month, fans have been eagerly watching a live video feed from April’s stall, hoping to see the baby’s arrival in real time.

The video stream initially launched in February and attracted moderate interest, but after a YouTube user flagged it for “sexual content” and nudity, the feed quickly went viral and generated a massive following. As of this writing, nearly 450,000 people had subscribed to the digital feed on YouTube, while many others have been following it on Facebook and local news sites.

4/3 – This morning keeper report is no interest in grain and only smelling lettuce treats. No discomfort evident, no distress – normal progression as expected in the process. Many of you may have witnessed what appeared as "pushing" contractions last night. The team and vet were in communication regarding these and were documented throughout the night. Let's see if April's plan is to break up your work week! GENDER REVEAL Thank you to the many that have signed on for text alerts for Labor & Baby Announcements. After much discussion, we have decided the initial Gender Reveal will be made via our text alert system as soon as gender is observed post birth. This will be hours in advance of the media press releases. The text alert system is 100% functioning at this time, and tech support is available to ensure you are in fact subscribed. Go to www.Aprilthegiraffe.com for how to subscribe or receive tech support. The subscriptions thus far have allowed us to add a significant amount more to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation fund we are compiling. Your support will make a change – and for that we thank you! #giraffewatch2017 #aprilthegiraffe #animaladventurepark #animaladventure #aprilviewcrew

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Needless to say, all this attention has been a major boon for the Animal Adventure Park, which is selling April-related souvenirs on its website, including T-shirts that read “April’s View Crew” and “Push, April, Push.”

So for those serious giraffe lovers out there, Footwear News has rounded up a selection of themed sockwear — the perfect thing to wear while you’re up until the wee hours of the night, glued to your computer screen watching April on YouTube.

Sock brands have a little bit of something for everyone. Happy Socks, for instance, has a pair of tan-and-white patterned crew socks for men and women, and Forever 21 is offering a gray ankle style covered in tiny yellow giraffes.

Happy Socks giraffe

Happy Socks giraffe crew socks, $12; Happysocks.com

Forever 21 giraffe

Forever 21 giraffe-print ankle socks, $1.90; Forever21.com

Not surprisingly, the majority of giraffe-related socks come in tall knee-high versions — the better to capture the animal’s grace and height.

Click through the slideshow to see the themed knee-highs.

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