These Shoes Can Vacuum Your Home While You Walk

On Wednesday, FN reported on a pair of virtual reality shoes at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

Today, we heard about another pretty cool pair at the tech show, which runs through Sunday in Las Vegas. USA Today tech contributor Jennifer Jolly got a chance to try out a pair of shoes that also serve as a vacuum.

According to Jolly, when the heel of the shoe hits the floor, a lever turns a gear that’s built into a platform wedge on the shoes to generate electricity. A nozzle in the toe box sucks up dust and crumbs as you walk. She reports that the shoes do actually work to an extent, but that she would not consider them a replacement for a real vacuum.

The shoes were created as part of a design contest run by Denso Auto Parts, which supplies auto parts around the world. While they have yet to be perfected, this could be the start of a whole new trend in cleaning.

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