How to Beat the Lines at Party City for Costume Shopping

With Halloween around the corner, there’s no place quite like Party City for a one-stop costume shop. So it’s inevitable that a gang of customers will be swarming the aisles as the occasion draws near. What’s the best way to beat the lines at the last minute? According to Party City employees, there are a couple of key tips.

An associate commented that the store is already well into its busy Halloween season. However, the best times to come are either during weekdays — Monday is one of the better days — or on Sundays.

“We’re always slammed, but the best time would be early in the mornings or later in the [day] because hours have changed at nighttime. People think we still close at night,” said an associate. She went on to explain that Party City extends its hours during the month of October, and beginning within the next week until the end of the month, the store will remain open until midnight. Verify your local store’s hours via partycity.com.

“Unless people in the area know [about the extended hours], it’s kind of empty, so the best times are close to closing or extremely early in the morning when the doors open at 8:30 a.m.,” said the associate.

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And for those who wait until the day of Halloween before deciding to make a purchase, know that the store will be in its utmost hectic state. However, due to the efficient process, the line tends to move quickly.

“The line varies at different times [of day], but the line wait time is usually not too bad. But if you’re trying [a costume ] on, there could be a wait because of the dressing rooms,” continued the associate.

Another option is to order online as opposed to visiting the store. Still, customers must be wary that if the costume doesn’t fit, they risk the chance of it not being available in-store. The employee said shipping typically takes 3 to 5 days.

Customers are advised to check the official Party City website for normal store hours and call to inquire about the extended times.

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