You Can Make Any Sneakers Look Like the Virgil Abloh x Nike ‘The Ten’ Collab With These Laces

Rope Lace Supply has a product for sneakerheads that can make any pair of kicks resemble something from Virgil Abloh’s collaborative line with Nike, “The Ten.”

Available now from the Orlando, Fla.-based brand are shoelaces inspired by the coveted collection that few sneaker fanatics were lucky enough to get their hands on. The laces, which are flat and for sale in a variety of colors, feature Abloh’s signature quotation marks surrounding the word “shoelaces” in all caps — and a similar look appeared on all of the models from “The Ten.”

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These shoelaces are a practical option for those who missed out on buying one of the collection’s styles and aren’t willing to pay the exorbitant prices on the resale market. And although the laces were a staple of Abloh’s collection with Nike, you could dress any brand’s sneakers you own in these, which may cause sneakerheads to wonder if the renowned designer has a new collab on the way.

The shoelaces come in a variety of colors including orange, green and white, and retail for $6.50. They are available online at ropelacesupply.com in three different sizes: 48, 54 and 72 inches.

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