Security Guard Caught on Camera Throwing Shoes at Homeless Man

A security guard in Toronto was caught on video throwing shoes and other items at a homeless man.

According to CBC News Toronto, the altercation occurred on Wednesday. Footage shows a security guard removing his jacket before approaching the homeless man and throwing an unknown object in his direction. The two exchange words that can’t be heard on camera, and moments later the guard throws two shoes at the man.

The guard reportedly works for security firm GardaWorld, which told CBC News that the employee in the video has been suspended pending further investigation.

Toronto police spokesman Const. Victor Kwong tells the news station that he’s unsure if the guard could potentially face criminal charges. “We have to step back and take a look at the whole picture and see why it is the situation got to where it is,” Kwong said.

CBC News also spoke with poverty advocate A.J. Withers, who says that incidents like this happen far too often in the city. “I’m sure that security guard has his own side,” Withers said. “But I don’t think that there’s any good explanation for why someone could act that way.”

To view the video, click here.

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