How Two Ten Plans To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Two Ten Footwear Foundation is ready to assist members of the shoe industry who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. The devastating storm made landfall in Texas Friday night and continues to dramatically impact the state, which faces historic flooding.

President Neal Newman talked to FN about how the industry’s biggest charity organization plans to help in the coming days. To support Two Ten in its efforts, donate here.

What specific plans are you putting in place to assist people impacted by Hurricane Harvey?

Neal Newman: “We’re totally prepared to respond to all emergency calls within 48 hours. For an event like Hurricane Harvey, the catastrophe will unfold over the next four or five days, and soon after that we expect footwear families to reach out to us for several months. For Superstorm Sandy, we were still responding to emergency calls six to seven weeks after the actual event.”

How are you communicating your services to people in need?

NN: “We are coordinating closely with NSRA, NST and FDRA to get the word out to their networks and members in the affected Gulf communities. Anyone who needs help can reach us at 800.346.3210 or socialservices@twoten.org.”

More generally, how does Two Ten get involved during natural disasters?

NN: “Hurricanes, tornadoes  fire, flood, mudslides – Two Ten emergency services have responded to them all. When your home is destroyed and you need a place to stay with the kids and the pets, the last thing you want is an unsympathetic person at the other end of a phone, or bureaucratic delays. Our team understands this and delivers a caring and sensitive personalized service – in most cases within 48 hours.”

How much funding do you typically devote to natural disasters?

NN: “Over the last five years we’ve been averaging $100,000 in emergency grants to hundreds and hundreds of footwear families who have been affected by a natural disaster. For motel stays. Food. Clothes. Car repairs. Our job is to quickly respond to all the emergency calls that hit our hotline so we can help get families back into safe accommodation and ultimately back into their homes.”


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