Twitter Is Freaking Out Over Coach’s New Name Change

Coach Inc. just threw shoppers for a loop by changing its corporate name to Tapestry Inc.

The iconic 76-year-old luxury label announced the change on Wednesday to some reactions from disappointed fans via social media who believe the brand will lose its identity. Actually, it’s the parent company’s title that’s changing to Tapestry.

Twitter users are criticizing the move, which makes Tapestry the holding entity that houses the Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman brands.

“This is bizarre & a strategy departure. Dying to know the logic,” Andrea Wasserman, a former Nordstrom and Hudson’s Bay executive, wrote on Twitter.

J Christian Bernabe, a nonprofit digital content director, tweeted: “$COH changing its name to “Tapestry” is a horrible branding idea. Fire the executive who proposed the change.”

Meanwhile, another user compared the name to “dusty old dark curtains,” while someone else simply asked the question: “why mess with such a well-known brand?”

In response to the reactions, chief executive Victor Luis spoke out about the idea behind the change.

“At the end of the day, some of the social media reaction is misplaced because people think we are changing the name of the Coach brand, which we are not doing,” Luis told Reuters. “It’s really about creating a new corporate identity for Coach as a house of brands.”

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