Insole Maker Wiivv Is Looking to Make Flip-Flops With 3-D Printing

Looking for that perfect fitting pair of flip-flops? Wiivv, a Canada-based bionics company, which bowed a line of 3D printed insoles last year, is expanding its offering with the addition of customized sandals.

Today, Wiivv is launching a Kickstarter campaign in support of the initiative, which brings personalized footwear direct to consumers using a digital capturing process that results in a sandals incorporating 3D printed arch support.

Wiivv 3D Insoles
Wiivv’s new customized flip-flops.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

The process is simple. Users download an app to their smartphone that instructs them to take photos and measurements of their feet. Using 200+data points from each foot, a 3D file is quickly customized and biomechanically enhanced for each person’s feet.

The sandals incorporate comfort features such as a tailored arch support, deep heel cup that helps stabilize the heel and absorb shock, specially engineered toe grip for enhanced metatarsal support and adjustable and interchangeable straps. The sandals are also made of recyclable, high-density foam.

Wiivv 3D flip-flops 2
The unisex flip-flops can be customized from the footbed to the upper design.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Consumers can then take the process a step further by designing their own sandals with a range of colors and motifs, with a pair of custom-fit sandals that are printed and assembled in the U.S. The sandals are delivered within a week.

The Kickstarter campaign’s goal is $250,000. For $65, supporters will receive one pair of sandals, while $275 will get them a pair of sandals with leather upper decorated with Swarovski crystals. Big spenders willing to shell out $10,000 will receive a 3D-printing weekend for four to San Diego, Calif., where the sandals are produced. Delivery is expected in July/August.

Wiivv’s even ready to open a manufacturing facility in countries including Australia, Canada, the U.K. and New Zealand, if backers pledge 25,000 pairs of sandals.

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