5 Tips for Finding the Perfect-Fitting Shoe Online

The cold weather has finally hit. So for those who prefer shopping for those must-have boots from the comfort of home, there are some easy tips to help find the perfect fit.

Look for websites that offer multiple views of a shoe. They can include side views, top views, even views of the outsoles. The most important, however, is a view of the toe shape. This comes in handy for those looking for shoes that are either wide or narrow.

Not all shoes are designed to the same specifications when it comes to size. To compensate,  some sites will indicate if a particular a shoe runs a bit smaller or bigger than average. Keep this in mind to determine if you should go up or down in size.

When considering a brand offered in European or U.K. sizing, make sure you find the right U.S. equivalent by checking an international size chart. If none is available on the particular site, shoe conversion charts can be easily found online.

For those who have a favorite shoe, ordering an update of the style is a sure bet. Often manufacturers offer the same silhouette in different materials and colors each season. Since the new version is likely to have a different style name, customer service can likely compare the shoe you have with its newer version.

Lastly, there’s a more tech-driven way to determine whether a shoe is likely to fit. Try vFit, an app featuring shoe-fitting technology that allows consumers the chance to compare the exact shape of their feet with the inside shape of shoes. The site features styles from more than 60 retailers. The app can be loaded through the iPhone store and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

But just to play it safe, consider shopping from an online retailer that offers free shipping both ways until you find the perfect fit.

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