These Sneakers Use Art With Powerful Messages to Battle Hate

In a move to unite Americans after the recent events surrounding a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., Bucketfeet has announced an initiative to support organizations making a difference in the battle against hate.

Known for its casual footwear featuring the work of artists from around the world, the company has launched a capsule Civil Liberty collection to honor those championing a more tolerant world. For every pair sold, Bucketfeet will donate $20 to organizations it believes are supporting this cause. The money will be divided between the Southern Poverty Law Center and Life After Hate.

Bucketfeet Stand For Peace
Bucketfeet’s Stand For Justice slip-on.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

“At Bucketfeet, we view ourselves as a platform for self-expression and have always believed in promoting love and compassion for everyone,” said Raaja Nemani, CEO and co-founder of Bucketfeet. “It is our hope to tap into the power of art to spread love and spark conversations, and in the process show our support for organizations that are making a difference in the battle against hate. With the Civil Liberty collection, we are working to empower our artists, customers and everyone out there to continue to fight the good fight for a more understanding and tolerant world, one pair of shoes at a time.”

The unisex slip-on styles include “Stand For Peace” and “Extremist of Love and Justice” are available online for $85.

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