Fans Are Accusing Halsey of Stealing Ariana Grande’s Concert Look

Twitter users and fans of Ariana Grande called out Halsey for wearing a similar wardrobe during her own show this weekend.

After one user accused the 23-year-old artist — who is currently traveling for her “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” tour —  of copying the Reebok ambassador’s white monochrome ensemble, Halsey soon took to social media to clear the air with a short and to-the-point message.

“Love Ari! didn’t know about this but it’s cool to me. My encore look varies, but I thought this was a cool badlands throwback. All love,” she wrote. As one fan pointed out, Halsey actually donned the outfit — which consists of white baggy pants, a bra top and matching duster coat — in 2016 during her “Badlands” tour as well.

Meanwhile, the “Now or Never” singer celebrated her 23rd birthday on Saturday and took to Instagram to document her cake — which featured an adorable throwback photo of her holding a walkman.


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