Heartwarming Video of Homeless Vet Receiving New Adidas Sneakers Goes Viral

This viral video of a homeless veteran receiving new sneakers will make your day.

The touching clip, which was shared last week by Facebook page Bright Side, has now been viewed more than 9 million times.

In the footage, an anonymous good samaritan notices the veteran walking across the street barefoot. “This is crazy, man,” the cameraman says. He strikes up a conversation as the man walks by, asking about his shoes.

“The shoes that I had, not only wore out, but they put blisters on them toes so I can’t wear ’em no more,” the veteran, who goes by the nickname “Sarge,” explains.

Without a moment of hesitation, the individual behind the camera hops out of his car and unlaces his Adidas Crazy Light 2 sneakers, handing them over to the homeless man.

“Oh, man! This is like putting clouds on my feet,” Sarge says after trying on the sneakers. “God, you look after this man now!”

As the video concludes, the cameraman reflects on what happened: “Well, he can use them more than I can.”

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