The Weeknd on the Twisted, Inspiring Instagram Accounts He Follows & Doing His Own Posting

Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye has conquered the music world. And now, with the help of athletic and lifestyle standout Puma, he’s determined to score a fashion hit.

On Aug. 24, the “Starboy” singer will see his debut signature shoe, the Puma Parallel, arrive in stores. The look, a stripped-down silhouette with an upper that borders the height of a boot, will retail for $220. During an exclusive interview and photo shoot with Tesfaye for Footwear News, the pop star spoke in great depth about the shoe’s design process and whom he wants to wear them.

He also got candid on several other topics outside of the music and fashion worlds.

Check out what the Puma ambassador shared aside from fashion talk, including his thoughts on influencers and social media.

What he would be doing if he weren’t a musician: 
“Probably producing film.”

His style influencers:
“Marty McFly, Pharrell Williams, N.W.A., Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Biggie Smalls.”

Favorite social media follows:
“There is this Instagram I love called @anti_cgi; it’s cool. I also love @thesimpsonig; it’s super-nostalgic. The @worldofdisnep is really twisted and inspiring.”

Who controls his social media accounts:
“Nobody touches my social media but me. It’s very critical. Sometimes I like to have a theme when I tweet or Instagram. Sometimes I’ll just tweet my thoughts in a rant. As my fans know, sometimes I go months without ever using it. It really all depends on my mood.”

Whether cutting his hair was significant: 
“Not at all.”

To check out images from FN’s cover shoot with The Weeknd, click here.

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