A Teenager With Size 28 Feet Has the World’s Biggest 3-D Printed Shoes

A teenager’s search for comfortable size 28 shoes is getting a happy ending thanks to a startup that specializes in 3-D printed footwear.

Michigan news site MLive reports that Broc Brown, 19, has struggled to find shoes that comfortably fit his size 28 feet. The 7-foot-8-inch teen from Michigan Center, Mich., has a condition called Sotos Syndrome (also known as cerebral gigantism), which makes many everyday activities a challenge.

According to Stacy Snyder, Brown’s aunt, one of the most daunting tasks the teen faces is finding clothes and shoes that fit properly.

“I can walk in a store and walk out with five pairs of shoes if I want to. He can’t,” Snyder tells MLive. Making the search even more difficult is the fact that many custom-fit shoes can cost between $400 and $500.

Broc Brown
Broc Brown stands in his size 28 3-D printed shoes.

Thanks to Feetz, Brown’s quest for comfortable kicks just got a little bit easier. The San Diego-based startup caught wind of Brown’s struggle and decided to do something about it.

On March 1, Feetz CEO and founder Lucy Beard personally hand-delivered Brown a pair of custom-made 3-D printed size 28 shoes in black and red — a nod to the teen’s love for the Chicago Bulls.

“Heck, I don’t like them. I love them. Thank you,” Brown said after getting a chance to try on the shoes.

“We’ve never done a shoe this big before, but we’re just excited to get Broc some comfy shoes. We’re really just honored to do this,” Beard said.

Brown is a former Guinness World Records holder for being the world’s tallest teen — a distinction he would still hold if he hadn’t passed the category’s age limit of 18. However, Beard has a hunch Brown may soon hold a new title.

“These definitely are the world’s largest 3-D printed shoes,” she said.

For more information on Feetz’s 3-D printed custom shoes, visit feetz.com.

Broc Brown
Broc Brown compares his size 28 3-D printed shoes with a smaller pair.
Broc Brown
Broc Brown wears his size 28 3-D printed shoes from Feetz.
Broc Brown
Broc Brown tries on his size 28 3-D printed shoes.

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