Two LeBron James Fans Paid More Than $11,000 Each for His Rookie Sneakers

The results are in, and two of the bids for StockX’s special-edition “Cavs Court SPO” featuring LeBron James’ rookie sneaker, the Nike Air Zoom Generation “First Game,” ended up roughly at the $11,000 mark.

The top two bids for the “Cavs Court SPO” Nike Air Zoom Generation package came in at $11,300 and $11,000, respectively, while the third-highest bid was $9,999. The package was awarded to the top 23 bidders, and the lowest winning amount was $5,710.

StockX Cavs Court SPO Package
The StockX Nike Air Zoom Generation “Cavs Court SPO” package.

On Wednesday, bids for the “Cavs Court SPO” package, which includes commemorative Cleveland Cavaliers memorabilia such as pieces of the Quicken Loans Arena court and a replica championship ring, had reached $8,000.

StockX’s “Cavs Court SPO” offerings also included a similar package with the unreleased “Out of Nowhere” Nike LeBron 14. Although this SPO includes the same collectibles as the Air Zoom Generation package, bids only reached $6,300 for the LeBron 14s.

A complete recap of bids for both sneakers is included below.

StockX "Cavs Court" SPO Bids
StockX “Cavs Court” SPO bids for the LeBron 14 “Out of Nowhere” (left) and the Nike Air Zoom Generation “First Game” (right).

The Nike Air Zoom Generation “First Game” will see a limited-edition release on Wednesday for $175, while the arrival of the LeBron 14 “Out of Nowhere” has not been confirmed.

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