DJ Steve Aoki Will Change How You Think About Asics

Asics is embarking on a mission to win over new audiences. And to lead the push, it has teamed up with a high-profile celebrity who lives outside of the world of athletics.

The brand announced today that renowned DJ and producer Steve Aoki will be the face of its latest North American marketing initiative, “I Move Me,” which will include videos, in-store activations and more. With Aoki, Asics aims to express its philosophy of living a healthy and happy life through movement to a different, engaged audience.

Steve Aoki Asics I Move Me
A shot of DJ and producer Steve Aoki in Asics.

“Asics stands for anima sana in corpore sano, a sound mind in a sound body, and we are so excited to show the world a reimagined interpretation of that mantra,” Gene McCarthy, president and CEO of Asics Americas, said in a statement. “‘I Move Me’ is more than a campaign. It is a movement representative of the evolution and growth of the Asics brand. We are setting out to reframe our narrative, deepen relationships with our core consumers and connect with a new generation of fitness-0minded consumers.”

Leading the effort is a film starring Aoki — set to the sounds of his song “Kolony” — and shot in his Las Vegas home (as well as locations in Los Angeles and New York). Asics uses Aoki in the video as a vehicle to communicate a brand philosophy as well as display the connection between Aoki’s music and his movements, and his energy and passion for life.

Also featured in the video are Asics ambassadors track and field star Lolo Jones and wrestling standout Jordan Burroughs.

The “I Move Me” initiative will boast social media content focusing on individuals who are changing the way fitness is viewed and experienced, and will highlight their individuality. It will appear online and via social channels for the rest of 2017 and through the beginning of 2018.

The new campaign comes after a roughly two-year period of intentional inactivity in marketing and communicating brand messaging. McCarthy told Footwear News the downtime was to build momentum behind the scenes and make sure the brand was equipped to deliver its new, captivating message to the masses.

“This brand has been quiet from messaging, communicating. Our goal now is to create a daily dialogue with consumers,” McCarthy explained to FN. “[But] people don’t care about your brand until they know what your brand cares about, and we need to have that platform. [And] we need to expand the conversation to a newer audience.”

But the partnership with Aoki and the unveiling of “I Move Me” aren’t the only things Asics is doing to reinvigorate the brand. McCarthy confirmed that the brand is busy developing product relevant to today’s consumer, which will be featured in its new storefront on Fifth Avenue in New York. The store is slated to open before year’s end.

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