How This Startup Is Making It Easier to Buy and Sell Vintage Sneakers

As any purveyor of vintage footwear can attest, time isn’t always kind to precious sneakers. Materials such as polyurethane and the glues used to put shoes together simply aren’t built to last forever and are known to deteriorate — and in extreme cases, crumble completely — with age.

That’s where startup Arkīv comes in. Established under shared workspace company WeWork, Arkīv touts itself as “a solution for the avid sneaker enthusiast curated by sneaker aficionados for sneaker aficionados.”

Arkīv was founded in January by Robert Mulokwa out of a WeWork space in Chicago and, according to WeWork, is growing 50 percent month over month. Its clients include NBA players and professional athletes, entertainers, collectors and resellers, just to name a few.

But how exactly does Arkīv work? Not only does it function as a broker and marketer for both buyers and sellers, but it allows clients to protect their investments with advanced storage facilities.

Arkīv’s secured units boast 24-hour climate control and protection from sunlight, and the company stands behind its promise to sneaker enthusiasts: All pairs are insured at 100 percent of their replacement value, allowing collectors to have peace of mind as they ship off their valuable kicks.

For more details on how Arkīv works and to sign up today, visit myarkiv.com.

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