Here’s How You Can Buy The Shoe Surgeon’s Custom Ikea-Themed Air Jordan

An odd fascination with Ikea-themed custom kicks has developed online with sneakerheads. To bank on this trend, Dominic “The Shoe Surgeon” Chambrone designed a limited-edition Air Jordan inspired by the furniture retailer that sneaker addicts are sure to be enamored with.

Chambrone teamed up with Los Angeles-based designer Elliott Evan for the Ikea Pack, consisting of custom Air Jordan 1 Field Boots and a bomber jacket. The Shoe Surgeon-created footwear is executed with Ikea bag material and suede, which matches the Elliott Evan jacket, also made from Ikea bags. Aside from the boots and jacket, the pack will come with a custom instruction manual.

The Shoe Surgeon Elliott Evan Ikea Pack
The Shoe Surgeon x Elliott Evan Ikea Pack.
CREDIT: Courtesy of The Shoe Surgeon.

And like many other Shoe Surgeon drops, this pack will be limited.

Releasing at a yet-to-be-determined time on Saturday are 10 pairs of shoes and 10 jackets, which will be made to order for the customer’s size. The set will run $1,500. And for two consumers, the pack will have a special addition: a custom yellow leather Ikea-inspired Balenciaga tote.

The Shoe Surgeon Ikea Air Jordan 1 Field Boot
Another look at The Shoe Surgeon’s custom Ikea-inspired Air Jordan 1 Field Boot.
CREDIT: Courtesy of The Shoe Surgeon.

But dropping $1,500 isn’t the only way you could get your hands on the pack. Chambrone has plans to leave a manual at the Ikea location in Carson, Calif., prior to the pack’s release, and whoever finds it will be awarded the boots and jacket in his or her size.

The Shoe Surgeon Elliott Evan Ikea Pack
The Ikea Pack with the custom manual.
CREDIT: Courtesy of The Shoe Surgeon.

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