8 High-Tech Socks Made Especially for Runners

Here at Footwear News, we spend a lot of time discussing the latest performance running sneakers, but also of great importance are the socks that adorn an athlete’s feet.

Like their shoe counterparts, legwear brands are constantly developing new technical features to help runners stay cool and comfortable while they’re logging the miles.

Two key features to look for in running socks are enhanced moisture wicking and antibacterial properties, which keep feet healthy and blister-free.

And targeted compression is another important asset. There are many benefits to wearing compression socks, even on an everyday basis, but runners, in particular, could see faster recovery times due to improved circulation.

But beyond those technical specs, sock brands are also offering more diverse selections in terms of colorways — and also heights. Are you in the quarter-crew camp? A fan of the no-show? Or do you crave over-the-calf coverage? There are plenty of options out there.

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To get equipped for your next run, shop these high-tech styles below:

Balega antibacterial running sock
Balega's running sock featuring silver ions that provide antibacterial properties
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Balega’s Silver no-show socks with antibacterial properties, $15; rei.com


Fits running sock
Fits' Light Runner no-show sock with light cushioning in the toe box.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Fits’ Ultra Light Runner no-show sock with minimal cushioning, $16; fitssock.com 

Wigwam Vanquish Fusion sock
Wigwam’s Vanquish Fusion NXT running sock with seamless under-toe closure
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Wigwam’s Vanquish Fusion NXT running sock with seamless under-toe closure, $14; wigwam.com

Feetures running sock
Feetures' Elite Max Cushion no-show running sock
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Feetures’ Elite Max Cushion no-show running sock, $16; feeturesrunning.com

Thorlo sports sock
Thorlo's quarter-crew running sock with moisture wicking for mud runs and adventure races
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Thorlo’s Outdoor Athlete socks designed for adventure races and mud runs, $17; thorlo.com

Swiftwick Aspire running sock
Swiftwick’s Aspire running sock with minimal cushion and firm compression
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Swiftwick’s Aspire running sock with firm compression, $16.95; backcountry.com

CEP progressive light knee-high compression sock
CEP's Progressive Ultralight over-the-calf compression sock
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

CEP’s Progressive Ultralight over-the-calf compression run socks, $60; piketopeak.com

Nike running socks
Nike's Dry Elite Lightweight running socks with sweat-wicking technology
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Nike’s Dry Elite Lightweight socks with sweat-wicking technology, $50; zappos.com

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